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About Pellikaan Timing

Pellikaan timing is started by Hubert Pellikaan. Hubert Pellikaan is originally trained as a pharmacist. He is the inventor of over 10 patents in the field of pharmacy and mechanical engineering. Next to being active in the pharmaceutical field he is also horlogical enthousiast and has always been looking for unique watches and movements. At the time his favourites were the Omega speedmaster (1969 with caliber 321) and the Omega 1945 "RAF W.W.W." pilotswatch (W.W.W. stood for "waterproof Wrist Watch!). Both of them very functional watches with a great design, but the design was a result of functionality. Early in 2008 Hubert Pellikaan wanted to develop his own watch since he missed something in the new watches of Omega, Panerai, Rolex etc. This was a plain design with high readability, established and sturdy technique and usability of the watch. In the Flying Dutchman he combined these values and so the first watch was born. This watch was actually intended for himself only, however by positive reactions of others he made the watch more often. This was how Pellikaan timing was born in 2009.

Hubert Pellikaan - Pellikaan Timing

Core values of the design

Readability: With all watches of Pellikaan timing readability is regarded essential. With the Flying Dutchman models this works out by the Breguet hands that are coated with white superluminova which makes the hands luminous in the dark. With all models there is a strong contrast between hands and dial according to industrial standards.   Technical: The movements in all Pellikaan timing watches are Swiss and all have a very good reputation. These movements are accurate and reliable. Next to this all movements are personally regulated and checked on quality.
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Core values of the design

Useability: The value of useability is achieved by combining th eabove values: readability and technical. Next to this pellikaan timing alsways uses strong and waterproof cases to ensure proper functioning in both sports, outdoor and dress situation.
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